Python 3 Password Manager

In these last years, I created scripts in different languages (bash, python, Perl, Ruby), and recently I studied python as a Data engineer. So, in my spare time, after 10 years I started to program again and my Idea was to create something I really need, that I can trust and it can be flexible. The first project has made for the terminal, but I had fun learning how to export a python script to the GUI version.

PyPWD 1.0.8

Python Password Manager ver. 1.0.8

Python Password Manager ver. 1.0.8
Python Password Manager ver. 1.0.8

Why PyPWD:

As Security Officer I cannot trust to save all my passwords to a KeyManager or to an external Password Manager, because I don’t know if my passwords are transmitted via the internet or in the future we’ll there a bulletin with some exploit then I have to re-change all my passwords. I think is better to combine my basic python skills with what I need, then I created my own password manager, in Python3, with encryption based of random KEY and Password, and sure that it hasn’t an internet connection.


Tested on a MacOSX, working also in Linux

  • Python3
  • Pandas
  • Cryptography
  • pyAesCrypt
  • PyQt5

How Works:

First Run: PyPWD > Creates Master Key with your master username and password (Do not forget it or modify the configfile, otherwise you’ll be not able to open your password manager anymore).

PyPWD > Saves a DataFrame as an encrypted CVS and all passwords are encrypted too, with key and the master password.

Login: PyPWD > Dencrypts the password file, based on the username and password filled.


Search Password

Show All Password

Copy the table cell content via double-click

Create New Password + random creation button

Delete password

Config Language

Config Encoding

Export all cleaned passwords in excel

Export encrypted backup for PyPWD

Import encrypted backup for PyPWD

Reset all password

Change master password


:# git clone

:# cd PyPWD

:# pip3 install -r reqs.txt

:# python3

Compile APP for MAC

:# python3 py2app –qt-plugins

Download an already Compiled APP for MacOSX Catalina

FILE => MD5 = df52f43ecaa3cf6b40de1325a5e52f49

Download PyPWD