WordPress Full Backup via Server

A simple WordPress Full Backup Script, (Database & files).

GitHub https://github.com/garanet/Wordpress-bkp-script.git

A simple WordPress Full Backup Script, (Database & files).

If you manage your WebServer directly or manage a virtual machine or a dedicated server, you can use this script as a cronjob to backup files and databases of your website, in this case in WordPress.



~:$ git clone https://github.com/garanet/Wordpress-bkp-script.git

~:$ cd WordPress-bkp-script/

~:$ sudo su

~:$ mkdir /backup

~:$ mkdir /backup/db

~:$ mkdir /backup/www

~:$ mv wordpress_bkp.sh /backup

~:$ cd /backup

~:$ chmod a+x wordpress_bkp.sh

~:$ vi wordpress_bkp.sh <- Change the variables

~:$ sh wordpress_bkp.sh

Now you can enter it in your Crontab

~:$ sudo crontab -e