Litfiba 2009 – Album Five On-Line

The result of a year and a half of working remotely with the band and the production was the FOL (Five On Line) Litfiba 2009, with Filippo Margheri on vocals, Ghigo Renzulli, Roberto Terzani.

Five on-Line è un EP dei Litfiba pubblicato online nel Febbraio 2009.

Litfiba Litfiba 2009 - Album Five On-Line fol_cover_front_A garanet
Litfiba Litfiba 2009 – Album Five On-Line

This is an Album (EP) recorded live in the rehearsal room.
Litfiba show for the first time via the internet, their work in progress of songs without special arrangements.

Litfiba fol_cover_rear garanet
Litfiba fol_cover_rear garanet

I gave the ‘online idea’ completed with promotion, fan club management, and other multimedia activities.

Credits are written on the back of the LP.