Lista comandi Linux

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Shell Linux Commands

a2pCreates a Perl script from an awk script.
acPrints statistics about users’ connect time.
aliasCreate a name for another command or long command string.
arMaintain portable archive or library.
archDisplay the architecture of the current host.
arpManipulate the system ARP cache.
asAn assembler.
atCommand scheduler.
awkAwk script processing program.
basenameDeletes any specified prefix from a string.
bashCommand Bourne interpreter
bdiffCompare large files.
bfsEditor for large files.
bgContinues a program running in the background.
biffEnable and disable incoming mail notifications.
breakBreak out of while, for, foreach, or until loop.
bsBattleship game.
byeAlias often used for the exit command.
calendarDisplay appointments and reminders.
cancelCancels a print job.
catView or modify a file.
ccC compiler.
cdChange directory.
chdirChange directory.
checkeqLanguage processors to assist in describing equations.
checknrCheck nroff and troff files for any errors.
chfnModify your own information or if super user or root modify another users information.
chgrpChange a groups access to a file or directory.
chkeyChange the secure RPC key pair.
chmodChange the permission of a file.
chownChange the ownership of a file.
chshChange login shell.
cksumDisplay and calculate a CRC for files.
clearClears screen.
clsAlias often used to clear a screen.
cmpCompare files.
colReverse line-feeds filter.
commCompare files and select or reject lines that are common.
compressCompress files on a computer.
continueBreak out of while, for, foreach, or until loop.
copyCopy files.
cpCopy files.
cpioCreates archived CPIO files.
crontabCreate and list files that you wish to run on a regular schedule.
cshExecute the C shell command interpreter
csplitSplit files based on context.
ctagsCreate a tag file for use with ex and vi.
cuCalls or connects to another Unix system, terminal or non-Unix system.
curlTransfer a URL.
cutCut out selected fields of each line of a file.
dateTells you the date and time in Unix.
dcAn arbitrary precision arithmetic package.
ddConvert and copy a file.
dfDisplay the available disk space for each mount.
deroffRemoves nroff/troff, tbl, and eqn constructs.
dhclientDynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client.
diffDisplays two files and prints the lines that are different.
digDNS lookup utility.
dircmpLists the different files when comparing directories.
dirnameDeliver portions of path names.
dmesgPrint or control the kernel ring buffer.
dos2unixConverts text files between DOS and Unix formats.
dpostTranslates files created by troff into PostScript.
duTells you how much space a file occupies.
echoDisplays text after echo to the terminal.
edLine oriented file editor.
editText editor.
egrepSearch a file for a pattern using full regular expressions.
elmProgram command used to send and receive e-mail.
emacsText editor.
enableEnables and disables LP printers.
envDisplays environment variables.
eqnLanguage processors to assist in describing equations.
exLine-editor mode of the vi text editor.
exitExit from a program, shell or log you out of a Unix network.
expandExpand copies of file s.
exprEvaluate arguments as an expression.
fcThe FC utility lists or edits and re-executes, commands previously entered to an interactive sh.
fgContinues a stopped job by running it in the foreground
fgrepSearch a file for a fixed-character string.
fileTells you if the object you are looking at is a file or if it is a directory.
findFinds one or more files assuming that you know their approximate filenames.
findsmbList info about machines that respond to SMB name queries on a subnet.
fingerLists information about the user.
fmtSimple text formatters.
foldFilter for folding lines.
forShell built-in functions to repeatedly execute action(s) for a selected number of times.
foreachShell built-in functions to repeatedly execute action(s) for a selected number of times.
free Display amount of free and used memory in the system
fromdosConverts text files between DOS and Unix formats.
fsckCheck and repair a Linux file system.
ftp</strong>Enables ftp access to another terminal.
getfaclDisplay discretionary file information.
gprofThe gprof utility produces an execution profile of a program.
grepFinds text within a file.
groupaddCreates a new group account.
groupdelEnables a super user or root to remove a group.
groupmodEnables a super user or root to modify a group.
gunzipExpand compressed files.
gviewA programmers text editor.
gvimA programmers text editor.
gzipCompress files.
haltStop the computer.
hashRemove internal hash table.
hashstatDisplay the hash stats.
headDisplays the first ten lines of a file, unless otherwise stated.
helpIf computer has online help documentation installed this command will display it.
historyDisplay the history of commands typed.
hostDNS lookup utility.
hostidPrints the numeric identifier for the current host.
hostnameSet or print name of current host system.
idShows you the numeric user and group ID on BSD.
ifconfigSets up network interfaces.
ifdownTake a network interface down.
ifupBring a network interface up.
infoRead Info documents.
initProcess control initialization.
ipShow and manipulate routing, devices, policy routing and tunnels.
isalistDisplay the native instruction sets executable on this platform.
jobsList the jobs currently running in the background.
joinJoins command forms together.
keyloginDecrypt the user’s secret key.
killCancels a job.
kshKorn shell command interpreter.
ldLink-editor for object files.
lddList dynamic dependencies of executable files or shared objects.
lessOpposite of the more command.
lexGenerate programs for lexical tasks.
linkCalls the link function to create a link to a file.
lnCreates a link to a file.
loAllows you to exit from a program, shell or log you out of a Unix network.
locateList files in databases that match a pattern.
loginSigns into a new system.
lognameReturns users login name.
logoutLogs out of a system.
lpPrints a file on System V systems.
lpadminConfigure the LP print service.
lpcLine printer control program.
lpqLists the status of all the available printers.
lprSubmits print requests.
lprmRemoves print requests from the print queue.
lpstatLists status of the LP print services.
lsLists the contents of a directory.
machDisplay the processor of the current host.
mailOne of the ways that allows you to read/send E-Mail.
mailcompatProvide SunOS 4.x compatibility for the Solaris mailbox format.
mailxMail interactive message processing system.
makeExecutes a list of shell commands associated with each target.
manDisplay a manual of a command.
mesgControl if non-root users can send text messages to you.
mii-toolView, manipulate media-independent interface status.
mkdirCreate a directory.
mkfsBuild a Linux file system, usually a hard disk partition.
moreDisplays text one screen at a time.
mountCreates a file systems and remote resources.
mtMagnetic tape control.
mvRenames a file or moves it from one directory to another directory.
ncTCP/IP swiss army knife.
neqnLanguage processors to assist in describing equations.
netstatShows network status.
newaliasInstall new elm aliases for user or system.
newformChange the format of a text file.
newgrpLog into a new group.
niceInvokes a command with an altered scheduling priority.
niscatDisplay NIS+ tables and objects.
nischmodChange access rights on a NIS+ object.
nischownChange the owner of a NIS+ object.
nischttlChange the time to live value of a NIS+ object.
nisdefaultsDisplay NIS+ default values.
nisgrepUtilities for searching NIS+ tables.
nismatchUtilities for searching NIS+ tables.
nispasswdChange NIS+ password information.
nistbladmNIS+ table administration command.
nmapNetwork exploration tool and security port scanner.
nohupRuns a command even if the session is disconnected or the user logs out.
nroffFormats documents for display or line-printer.
nslookupQueries a name server for a host or domain lookup.
onExecute a command on a remote system, but with the local environment.
onintrShell built-in functions to respond to (hardware) signals.
optisaDetermine which variant instruction set is optimal to use.
packShrinks file into a compressed file.
pagesizeDisplay the size of a page of memory in bytes, as returned by getpagesize.
passwdAllows you to change your password.
pasteMerge corresponding or subsequent lines of files.
paxRead/write and writes lists of the members of archive files and copy directory hierarchies.
pcatCompresses file.
perlPerl is a programming language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files.
pgFiles perusal filters for CRTs.
pgrepExamine the active processes on the system and reports the process IDs of the processes
picoSimple and very easy to use text editor in the style of the Pine Composer.
pineCommand line program for Internet News and Email.
pingSends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts.
pkillExamine the active processes on the system and reports the process IDs of the processes
poweroffStop the computer.
prFormats a file to make it look better when printed.
priocntlDisplay’s or set scheduling parameters of specified process(es)
printfWrite formatted output.
psReports the process status.
pvsDisplay the internal version information of dynamic objects within an ELF file.
pwdPrint the current working directory.
quitAllows you to exit from a program, shell or log you out of a Unix network.
rcpCopies files from one computer to another computer.
rebootStop the computer.
redLine oriented file editor.
rehashRecomputes the internal hash table of the contents of directories listed in the path.
remshRuns a command on another computer.
repeatShell built-in functions to repeatedly execute action(s) for a selected number of times.
replaceA string-replacement utility.
rgviewA programmers text editor.
rgvimA programmers text editor.
rloginEstablish a remote connection from your terminal to a remote machine.
rmDeletes a file without confirmation (by default).
rmailOne of the ways that allows you to read/send E-Mail.
rmdirDeletes a directory.
rnReads newsgroups.
routeShow and manipulate the IP routing table.
rpcinfoReport RPC information.
rshRuns a command on another computer.
rsyncFaster, flexible replacement for rcp.
rviewA programmers text editor.
rvimA programmers text editor.
s2pConvert a sed script into a Perl script.
sagGraphically displays the system activity data stored in a binary data file by a previous sar run.
sarDisplays the activity for the CPU.
screenScreen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation.
scriptRecords everything printed on your screen.
sdiffCompares two files, side-by-side.
sedAllows you to use pre-recorded commands to make changes to text.
sendmailSends mail over the Internet.
setSet the value of an environment variable.
setenvSet the value of an environment variable.
setfaclModify the Access Control List (ACL) for a file or files.
settimeChange file access and modification time.
sftp</strong>Secure file transfer program.
shRuns or processes jobs through the Bourne shell.
shredDelete a file securely, first overwriting it to hide its contents.
shutdownTurn off the computer immediately or at a specified time.
sleepWaits a x amount of seconds.
sloginOpenSSH SSH client (remote login program).
smbclientAn ftp-like client to access SMB/CIFS resources on servers.
sortSorts the lines in a text file.
spellLooks through a text file and reports any words that it finds in the text file that are not in the dictionary.
splitSplit a file into pieces.
statDisplay file or filesystem status.
stopControl process execution.
stripDiscard symbols from object files.
sttySets options for your terminal.
suBecome super user or another user.
sysinfoGet and set system information strings.
sysklogdLinux system logging utilities.
tabsSet tabs on a terminal.
tailDelivers the last part of the file.
talkTalk with other logged in users.
tacConcatenate and print files in reverse.
tarCreate tape archives and add or extract files.
tblPreprocessor for formatting tables for nroff or troff.
tcopyCopy a magnetic tape.
tcpdumpDump traffic on a network.
teeRead from an input and write to a standard output or file.
telinitProcess control initialization.
telnetUses the telnet protocol to connect to another remote computer.
testCheck file types and compare values.
timeUsed to time a simple command.
timexThe timex command times a command; reports process data and system activity.
todosConverts text files between DOS and Unix formats.
topDisplay Linux tasks.
touchChange file access and modification time.
tputInitialize a terminal or query terminfo database.
trTranslate characters.
traceroutePrint the route packets take to network host.
troffTypeset or format documents.
ttyPrint the file name of the terminal connected to standard input.
ulReads the named filenames or terminal and does underlining.
umaskGet or set the file mode creation mask.
unaliasRemove an alias.
unhashRemove internal hash table.
unamePrint name of current system.
uncompressUncompressed compressed files.
uniqReport or filter out repeated lines in a file.
unlinkCall the unlink function to remove the specified file.
unmountDisconnects a file systems and remote resources.
unpackExpands a compressed file.
untarCreate tape archives and add or extract files.
untilExecute a set of actions while/until conditions are evaluated TRUE.
unzipList, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive.
useraddCreate a new user or updates default new user information.
userdelRemove a users account.
usermodModify a users account.
vacationReply to mail automatically.
veditScreen-oriented (visual) display editor based on ex.
vgrindGrind nice program listings
viScreen-oriented (visual) display editor based on ex.
vimA programmers text editor.
viewA programmers text editor.
wShow who is logged on and what they are doing.
waitAwait process completion.
wcDisplays a count of lines, words, and characters in a file
whereisLocate a binary, source, and manual page files for a command.
whileRepetitively execute a set of actions while/until conditions are evaluated TRUE.
whichLocate a command.
whoDisplays who is on the system.
whoamiPrint effective userid.
whoisInternet user name directory service.
writeSend a message to another user.
XExecute the X windows system.
xfdDisplay all the characters in an X font.
xlsfontsServer font list displayer for X.
xsetUser preference utility for X.
xtermTerminal emulator for X.
xrdbX server resource database utility.
yaccShort for yet another compiler-compiler, yacc is a compiler.
yesRepeatedly output a line with all specified STRING(s), or ‘y’.
yppasswdChanges network password in the NIS database.
zcatCompress files.
zipCompression and file packaging utility.